Imagine a small peaceful country road between Beaune and  Chalon s/ saône, plunging down in forest of oack and acacias  witch reappear in a huge clearing.

Here is the lodge, reaching the edge, surrounded by wheat, soya or sunflowers fields, according to what we sowed. Rocked by the warbling of the birds on the morning, you could be lucky to see roe-deers, squirrels, hares or others on the evening.

 We will be please to make you share natural breaks  in our small patch of burgundian countryside.

  So see you soon ! Isabelle et Alfred

Gîte La Clairière - Isabelle Bidalot -  10 route de Cretaine - 71150 Demigny
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Conception : Le Pressoir des Collines - Novembre 2006